Fluoride Resources


  1. Fluoride Articles on Mercola.com
  2. FluorideAlert.com – Fluoride Action Network
  3. Fluoride FAQ
  4. 50 Reasons NOT to Fluoridate Water
  5. Why Water Fluoridation is Unnecessary, Unethical, Unsafe, and Ineffective
  6. An Inconvenient Tooth: Fluoride Documentary
  7. Fluoride: The Hard To Swallow Truth
  8. Dentists Against Fluoride
  9. Cities That Have Stopped Fluoridating Since 1990
  10. ADA study confirms dangers of fluoridated water, especially for babies
  11. The Fluoride Deception: A Nuclear Waste Byproduct in Our Water
  12. No Naturally Occurring Fluoride Is Added To Drinking Water – See What’s Really Added
  13. US Govt. Lowers Recommended Fluoride Level
  14. New Study Confirms Negative Impacts on Thyroid Gland
  15. Fluoride Calcifies the Pineal Gland
  16. The Fluoride Deception: Mini Documentary
  17. A Lack of Fluoride Is Not The Cause of Cavities
  18. Dental Health Comes From Nutrition, Not Fluoride – Weston A. Price
  19. Countries With Water Fluoridation Do Not Have Better Dental Health
  20. 10 Facts About Fluoride
  21. The Truth About Fluoride Documentary
  22. Fluoride Whistle-blower With Hidden Camera Footage
  23. Fluoride is Poison – with Abby Martin
  24. You’re Still Told Fluoridation Prevents Tooth Decay, But Science Proves Otherwise
  25. How To Keep Teeth Healthy Without Fluoride
  26. Healthy Teeth From The Inside Out
  27. How I’m Healing Cavities Without Dentistry
  28. Fluoride Documentary 2015
  29. Fluoride Accumulation In The Bones
  30. Safety Data Sheet On Sodium Fluoride
  31. Austin Considers Removing Fluoride
  32. Fluoride Freedom Fighters


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