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What follows is a list of resources on the philosophy of anarchy.  Like our other resource pages, this will hopefully provide a go-to place as you travel down the rabbit hole of seeing the state for what it is and discovering viable alternative theories for how we can get along without government as we know it.
For anyone completely unfamiliar with the idea (or familiar, but hostile to it); anarchy does not mean violence, chaos, lack of structure, etc.  It does not mean there are no rules.  It is not hell on earth and it is not utopia.  It is an idea, based on moral principles.  There is nothing to implement.  You don’t necessarily have to get everyone in a certain place to agree to anything; because there isn’t any central thing to agree to.  This revolves around the idea that individuals can be left to manage their private lives, and all of the services we now think government must “provide” can be offered on the market (including law, justice, security, roads, education, etc), for less money, and without all the violence and coercion of the state.  In short, as stated in the true meaning of the word, anarchy does not mean “without rules”, it literally means “without rulers”.
If the resource is available for free online, I will notate it with a * and provide a link.  Otherwise, the rest can be found on Amazon or other bookstores.
If you have suggestions for useful and relevant content to add to this list or our other resource pages, please comment, send an email on the contact page, or message me through the Facebook page.
For A New Liberty* – Murray Rothbard
Freedom* – Adam Kokesh
The Market For Liberty* – Morris and Linda Tannehill
Everyday Anarchy* – Stefan Molyneux
Healing Our World – Mary Ruwart
Practical Anarchy* – Molyneux
The Machinery of Freedom* – David Friedman
Chaos Theory* – Robert Murphy
Against the State* – Lew Rockwell
Spontaneous Order – Christopher Chase Rachels
Anarchy and Legal Order: Law and Politics for a Stateless Society – Gary Chartier
The Voluntary City – Beito, Gordon, Tabarrok
The State – Anthony De Jassay
Understanding the State in Relation to Society and History
Anatomy of the State* – Murray Rothbard
The Rise and Fall of Society – Frank Chodorov
Democracy: The God That Failed – Hans Hoppe
The Not So Wild Wild West – Terry Anderson
Crisis and Leviathan – Robert Higgs
The Myth of Authority and Legitimacy
The Most Dangerous Superstition – Larken Rose
No Treason – Lysander Spooner
On Ethics
The Ethics of Liberty – Rothbard
Universally Preferable Behavior – Molyneux
On Defense
The Private Production of Defense – Hans-Hermann Hoppe
The Myth of National Defense – Hans Hoppe
On Law and Justice
Anarchy and the Law – Edward P. Stringham
To Serve and Protect – Bruce Benson
The Problem of Political Authority – Michael Huemer
Order Without Law – Robert Ellickson
New Libertarian Manifesto – Samuel Edward Konkin III
An Agorist Primer – Konkin
The Moon Is a Harsh MistressRobert Heinlein
Alongside Night – J. Neil Schulman
Anarchy in New England – Joe Jarvis
The Iron Web – Larken Rose
Examples of Anarchy Throughout History
The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia – James C. Scott
Private Law in the Emerald Isle – Finbar Feehan-Fitzgerald
Anarchy and Legal Order: Law and Politics for a Stateless Society – Gary Chartier
Historical Examples of Anarchy Without Chaos (A very comprehensive list – Check this out! The excuse by statists that “there have never been any examples of anarchy” just doesn’t fly.)
Technology and Anarchy
Blockchain: Blueprint For A New Economy*(partially free) – Melanie Swan
Related But Not Quite Anarchy
The Law* – Frederic Bastiat
Economics In One Lesson* – Henry Hazlitt
Human Action – Ludwig von Mises

Bruce Benson and Tom Woods: Private Police

Do We Need Government? – Edward Stringham

Edward Stringham and Tom Woods: Private Governance

Murray Rothbard: For a New Liberty: Police, Law, and the Courts
Murray Rothbard: How to Have Law Without Legislation

The Law – Bastiat – Audio Book

Bruce Benson: The Enterprise of Customary Law

To Serve and Protect: Privatization and Communicty in Criminal Justice – Bruce Benson

Society without a state – Rothbard

Society Without a State – Hoppe

Murray Rothbard: For a New Liberty full book in PDF and MP3

Law Without the State: Bob Murphy and Tom Woods

But Wouldn’t Warlords Take Over?

Murray Rothbard: Power and Market

Bob Murphy: The Case For Private Defense

John Hasnas: The Myth of the Rule of Law

Stephan Kinsella: Legislation and Law in a Free Society

Gustave de Molinari: The Production of Security

Robert Murphy: Chaos Theory

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: State or Private Law Society

Edward Stringham: Market Chosen Law

Edward Stringham: Paypal’s Private Governance

Edward Stringham: Anarchy and The Law

Bill Buppert and Adam Kokesh: Badged Serial Killers

The Rule of Law Without the State – Spencer Heath MacCullum
David Friedman: Law Enforcement Without the State

David Friedman: Law Without The State

Bruce Benson: The Enterprise of Law book

Conflict Resolution in a Free Society

Principles of Law Without Government

Enforcement of Private Property Rights in Primitive Societies

Police, Courts, and Laws – On The Market

DROs: Dispute Resolution Organizations

Stefan Molyneux: Practical Anarchy Audiobook

Stefan Molyneux: Practical Anarchy PDF

Stefan Molyneux: Everyday Anarchy Audiobook

Stefan Molyneux: Practical Anarchy PDF

Morris and Linda Tannehill: The Market for Liberty

A Private Law Society – Hoppe

John Hasnas – The Depolitization of Law

John Hasnas – The Obviousness of Anarchy

Dispelling Mythology Part 1

Dispelling Mythology Part 2

Dispelling Mythology Part 3

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