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This site was started in January of 2014 as “Nutrition Philosophy Freedom”.  The following is an explanation of that name.

  • Nutrition – Understanding that you are in charge of your health and that anyone can live healthy, stay healthy, age gracefully, and live a thriving life by taking control of your own nutritional needs.  We will discuss diets, healthy lifestyle, exercise, physical activity, vitamins, supplements, mainstream medicine, health insurance, and other issues.  The guiding ideas will be based on primal, paleo, natural, and raw foods; orthomolecular medicine, vitamin usage, and the fact that mainstream medicine, governments, psychiatrists, pharmaceutical companies mostly have it all wrong.
  • Philosophy – It’s the framework we develop to perceive and deal with the world.  The better the ideas we have the better our lives; the better the concepts and thought patterns, the better the ideas.  The guiding framework here will be a philosophy based on reason, logic, and rationality.  The logical result is a thought process based on the non-aggression principle, voluntaryism, rational self-interest, and a rational epistemological, metaphysical, and ethical framework.
  • Freedom – With our minds and bodies in order we can achieve freedom.  We will discuss many practical aspects of living productive, happy, free lives.  This will include the political philosophy of voluntaryism  – that we can live in a government-free world – driven by the market, where everything we need can and will be provided by rational, self-interested actors serving the demands of the marketplace.  We will discuss current events and history with a focus on war and foreign policy.  We will discuss ideas for healthy growth and family lives like peaceful parenting, attachment parenting, unschooling, and self-improvement.  We will discuss economics from the perspective of the Austrian School of Economics.  We will dive into Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrency.  Anything is on the table! We will learn ways to hack your body, hack your life, and live freer, more productive, fulfilling lives.

Though the name and design of the site has changed, we will still stick to those ideas.  It is a good framework to view our lives and the world around us. Grassroots Liberty emerged as a more streamlined concept, and a little less of a mouth-full to say. In line with the ideas of self-improvement, agorism, decentralization, and Voluntaryism, positive change in the direction of freedom and healthy lives begins with each individual.  Real lasting improvement of the predominant ideas of society doesn’t happen because someone instituted a policy, got a law passed or donated to some foundation.  It starts with each of us.  Want a better life? Strive to achieve it every day. Don’t wait for government or any other supposed authority to create a better world for you. Grassroots Liberty embodies that idea. The movement for a freer world is a decentralized one, with each individual waking up and contributing at their own pace, and in their own way. The movement for peace, truth, health and freedom is truly a grassroots effort.  It will take this effort to achieve liberty in our lifetimes. So as we live, work, create,  participate in activism, raise kids, learn, and become strong and healthy, we must remember liberty is the foundation of all of this.  It is like the seed, the necessary ingredient for all human flourishing.  Liberty is the natural state of existence, and if it is not infringed upon, humans will grow great things with it.

Notice: I am not a government licensed medical professional, a lawyer, a financial adviser, or any other person with a special piece of paper.  I am a guy offering up my views and opinions, and everything on this site should be read as such, and not taken as licensed professional advice.

Yes, I added that simply to protect myself, and no I don’t really think we should only listen to official government-endorsed professionals. We are all smart and capable, and can work and learn to take as much of our lives as possible into our own hands.

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