Why Is Everything So Screwed Up?

Ever wonder how all these problems started? War, central banking, medical monopolies, pharmaceuticals run amok, crony capitalism, unhealthy foods, and schools that indoctrinate rather than educate – These are just some of the many modern oddities we deal with today. But, how did it all start? Well, there are many reasons and many stories to tell.  In his newest documentary, James Corbett tells one of these stories. (If you want to skip my commentary, scroll to the end for the documentary, but please share and follow on Facebook to stay in touch.)

Below you’ll see the story of the oil industry, the Rockefellers, and other big names in crony capitalism. You’ll see how their steady influence over the entire world for the last 150 years has lead to many of the problems we now have. This is not necessarily about oil itself.  The point is, the players within the oil industry quickly expanded into all areas of society in order to further their own interests.

Some people, imagining they’re coming from a free market point of view, respect and glorify men like Rockefeller. They think these men made great fortunes because they were simply the best at what they did, and only some progressive socialist would dare attack them.   The truth, though, is that many of the great names in business like Rockefeller, Rothschild, Rhodes, and Morgan did not confine themselves to simply doing honest business, providing the best product or service possible, and beating out their competitors through superior quality.  Politicians are paid off. Laws are paid for. Medicines are sold (and still are today) that aren’t really medicine at all.  Wars are promoted and financed.  Educational foundations are started to mold society to meet their needs.  Think tanks are started to push the plans they desire.  Competitors are destroyed through outright force or subtle manipulation. And government, being the monopolizer and broker of force, helps make it all possible.

Others, coming from a more socialist perspective, tend to demonize all businessmen, with the mistaken idea that money, business, profits, and employment are somehow bad in general.  But I think both of these two sides are wrong.  The important point is, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Rhodes, and Morgans of the world should not be our prime examples of great businessmen.  These men should specifically be noted as titans of crony-capitalism. They are kings of doing “business” hand in hand with government.  They employ pull and subterfuge, manipulation and legislation.

No matter what business or service you have created, and how much money you have made, you’re not a free-market business hero if you also get governments to create artificial monopolies for you, promote the dumbing down of education, promote eugenics, fund progressive policies, and favor protectionism and central banking.

Doing business and making money are perfectly noble activities if done honestly. When, with no help from governments and no manipulation of markets, you sell a quality good to willing customers, you’re doing a great thing. You’re creating wealth, bettering lives, employing people, and making money in the process. For example, the real businessman, when he notices a weak point in the market or in his business, will pull back, scale down, change directions, and respect price signals and market forces.  The power-hungry crony businessman, when faced with the same situation, might try to get a law passed, create an artificial demand for his product, might try to sabotage a competitor, or worst of all, could promote and finance needless wars, the ultimate Keynesian/crony strategy.

The problem with these sorts of men is that doing business and creating products and services that the market demands, is not their only goal. If their goal were to be in business and make lots of money I’d have no problem with that.  Their goal is power though, which is the same thing governments want. And that does worry me.  That’s why the crony businessman and the crony-promoting politician are really the same sort of person.  They seek to control people, and gain power over everything.

Below, you’ll find some interesting quotes and the full documentary that we mentioned, “How Big Oil Conquered The World.” It’s a little more than an hour long, and well worth your time. If you enjoy our content, please consider liking our Facebook page.  That is the best way to stay up to date on our latest work and other interesting ideas on history, philosophy, economics, health, technology, and self-improvement.

Further Reading:

Competition is a sin.” – JDR

He means real, honest competition.  Manipulation and control are apparently much more ethical.

The day of combination is here to stay. Individualism has gone, never to return.” – JDR

The typical power-hungry globalist attitude, whether in government or business.  They want everything consolidated, centralized, and controllable.

I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers.” – JDR

Here he’s exemplifying his desire to control the educational system.

If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it.” – JDR

This one could seem positive on the surface, just that there is more to getting rich than wanting to be rich.  But, I think the more hidden idea he’s stating is that in his warped mind, success and wealth can only come through ulterior motives; that you must seek power, and through power comes wealth.

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