Welcome To Grassroots Liberty!

Grassroots Liberty is live! After about a month and half transition, we are back online.  For new readers, this site used to be NutritionPhilosophyFreedom.com.  We had a good run with that site, but now we’re back, full of upgrades, and ready to keep on writing. For a synopsis on what we’re about, see the About page.

Some notes about the site:

The main menu just below the title, as well as the entire main page is separated into categories. Each category is color-coded. From any page, you can click the colored category icons, and it will take you to a page with all of the articles of that category.

Just below the main menu will always be the newest articles arranged in the slider and in the 2×2 grid.  Below that to the right you’ll find all the site related info; the About page, Donate Page, site-related articles, and the Contact page.

To find information on our social media there are icons at the top and bottom of the page, floating on the right side, and on the contact page.  To share articles, there will always be sharing buttons at the bottom of each article and floating on the left side of the page as well.

The last item on the main menu is Resources.  In that pull-down, you’ll find pages filled with links to more information on those topics.

If you have any thoughts on a specific article, please comment on that article.  If you have general feedback, complaints, comments, questions, gripes, suggestions, praise or anything else, please use the Contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Finally, feel free to share, quote, or reference anything on the site.  Right now we’re using a Creative Commons license, which means, you can do anything you want with anything on the site, for personal or commercial use, as long as you link back with attribution to the original page here. For full terms of this license click the link at the bottom of any page.  Creative Commons is a more open source alternative to standard copyright.

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