We’re Growing! A Preview Of Things To Come

I wanted to do a quick post to let everyone know what is going on with the site.  We haven’t had much new content here on Nutrition Philosophy Freedom lately, because I’ve been spending most of my free time working behind the scenes on some big changes to the site.  When it’s done it will look like a brand new page; a complete makeover.

Here are some of the things you’ll see when we re-launch.

  • New Domain Name (www.GrassrootsLiberty.com)
  • New Logo and header artwork
  • A new theme
  • Better content organization for improved access to past articles
  • A redesigned Facebook page
  • Improved social media sharing functionality
  • More and better organized external resources

Behind the scenes this will entail new hosting, switching from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, graphic design, site design, new content creation, and more.  Its a big deal for a one man operation. But it’s worth it.  I’ve appreciated all the visits, likes, and comments; and I want to create a new space that can keep growing and provide better value for all of us.

And why? Because I really believe in freedom and liberty, with no exceptions and no “buts”.  I believe mutually beneficial cooperation typically works a lot better than the propaganda and violence of politics.  I don’t think there is much difference between the two major parties.  And I don’t think we hear very much truth from government, crony corporations, and mainstream media outlets. I think we are capable of coming up with systems of justice that are actually just, actually compensate victims, and don’t needlessly destroy lives over victimless “crimes”.  I don’t think the only way to organize society and provide services like justice is to hand over all the responsibility to a violent, coercive monopoly.

I really believe in natural health and healing.  I think the future of health and of feeding the world is with organic permaculture gardening.  I trust in Bitcoin, and blockchain technology to free markets and decentralize the world. I believe knowledge comes from curiosity and self directed learning – not from a regimented one size fits all bureaucracy.  I really believe in a philosophy of reason, living with a scientific foundation, and of always seeking the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it might seem at first.

I believe these ideas are the future.  For the world to trend in this direction, it is up to all of us to learn and improve our own lives, then slowly share and spread these ideas through society.  Genuine lasting change starts at the most basic level, with the individual making positive changes in his or her own life. It continues to grow when these individuals can voluntarily and peacefully come together to create and develop new ideas to improve their lives and their communities.  From there it keeps scaling up.  This is what I plan on doing. And to start we need a better platform here.  Whether you’ve followed this site for the past year and a half, or this is your first time here – I hope you’ll come a long.

What do you need to do? For existing subscribers, nothing.  If you have this page followed or liked either through WordPress or Facebook, if all goes smoothly, you will seamlessly continue to receive updates when the site re-launches. For those not yet following the site, no better time than right now to click the follow button.  Even if you don’t agree with everything I say, I hope I’ve at least piqued your interest and I would love to see you come back.  If there’s a tiny curiosity, I think it’s better to see where it goes, rather than ignoring it altogether.

What else to expect.  I’m not sure how long this transition will take, but there probably will be some downtime for the site. When everything is ready, and the new site is live, I’ll make another post letting everyone know how it went, and with details and explanations of the new changes.

In the mean time, if you haven’t already, I hope you’ll spend some time exploring the existing site.  On the right hand side at the top, you can find buttons to Like on Facebook and Follow on WordPress.  Below that you’ll find a keyword map to link to various topics, recent popular articles, and a lengthy list of outside resources. If you enjoy an article, please share it around.

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to leave them below or use the contact page.  I welcome people’s ideas, and would like to create a more engaged community here. After all, the world I’d like to see consists of more communication, cooperation, and mutually beneficial exchange.  In other words, through localization and the philosophy of voluntaryism, starting right here on this website, we can create genuine, grassroots liberty. 🙂

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