Putting The Gay Marriage Ruling In Perspective

So the US Supreme Court has decided that it would be unconstitutional for any  law to prohibit gay marriage.  From my point of view, I can’t complain.  It is a step towards freedom; a tiny step to relieve the government of a power they shouldn’t have had in the first place. Within the system as it is, this is a positive step, and I’m happy for the people it benefits.  With the government controlling marriage; with the entire institution of marriage wrapped up with tax law and other benefits, and with the system of licenses – this was a good move. Within a terrible system, now there is a tad more equality.

But is this ideal? No. Have we really just magically achieved equality and freedom? No, we haven’t.  From the voluntaryist libertarian perspective, a violent territorial monopoly (the state) should have nothing to do with marriage.  They should not be granting anyone permission or interconnecting our romantic relationships with laws and taxes.  Isn’t it a huge insult that ANYONE, gay or straight, has to apply for a license to get married?


Yes, gay people now have the ability to ask the government for permission to get married, and they can get all the benefits that follow.  But, there shouldn’t be any benefits.  There shouldn’t be any permissions.  A relationship, a marriage, a union – whatever you want to call it – now, and for thousands of years has been a private matter, dealt with between the individuals involved, the community, the family, etc. Two people should be able to privately enter into whatever setup they’d like, as long as no one is forced or coerced. And this can be dealt with with through private agreements and contracts. Why oh why have people been so brainwashed to think the government needs to be involved with this? Why have we missed the point and spent all this time begging master to grant us more “rights”? Does anyone know how government marriage licensing started? Hint: it ain’t pretty. And we shouldn’t be groveling to continue their corrupt systems.


Only since the state has taken control over matters of private society, and tied benefits, exemptions, and other privileges to our personal relationships, have people had to think about fighting for equal rights in the eyes of the law.  The real fight all along should have been the complete separation of marriage and state. We’ve always naturally had the right and ability to be with whoever we want. Free people should not have to ask for permission.

Oh and by the way, not that anyone cares, since pieces of fabric and government licenses are more important – but the TPP passed last week.

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  • Hey, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said here. Another libertarian friend and I have been talking about this a lot today and we have both been ostracized for outwardly disagreeing with this but of course not because we wish that gays have to live restricted lives. We are on a slippery slope.
    Thanks for linking me btw!

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