Quote of the Day: Medical Cannabis Patient Speaking The Truth

I’d rather be illegally alive than legally dead.” – Coltyn Turner

You’ve probably never heard of Coltyn Turner before, but he makes a strong statement for freedom.  Coltyn is a medical cannabis patient.  He suffers from Crohn’s Disease and has been using cannabis oil to treat himself.  He and his family moved to Colorado specifically so he could get treatment.  Because of the government’s drug racket, they had to pick up their lives and move halfway across the country to “legally” use this particular medicine. You can use prescription painkillers, statins, antidepressants, and all sorts of other drugs with many known side effects, all completely legal anywhere in the country, as long as you get a permission slip from your state approved “doctor”.  But peaceful people can’t make voluntary choices for themselves without being hassled – if their lifestyle or medicine of choice is not on the state approved list.

If Coltyn’s family had not moved to Colorado he would not be getting healthier, he would not have gained 20 pounds, he might have had to have surgery, or he could literally have died.  Mainstream medicine is actually pretty bad at treating many conditions, and dismal when it comes to actually promoting health in the first place.  This is an example where people have figured out the best possible treatment, with the fewest side effects (none in this case, plus other health benefits actually) is a substance that government busybodies deem “illegal”.

Well Coltyn’s statement cuts to the heart of the entire idea of government laws.  Whether he knows it or not, he’s reminding us that government laws are arbitrary edicts created by power hungry politicians and corrupt, crony businessmen.  A law does not make something right or wrong.  Ethics and morality make something right or wrong.  These are things for us to decide.  This has been said by many people in many different ways, but if government makes bad laws, we should not blindly comply.  We should think for ourselves.  Philosophy is there for us to learn and use – and then apply good decisions in our own lives.  As Coltyn reminds us, sometimes it comes down to life or death.

Not everyone is in the same situation as Coltyn though.  See the following links to hear about Shona Banda.  She is also a Crohn’s patient, though living in Kansas.  She is a mother, an activist, and has been using cannabis for many years to successfully treat her condition.  Well the busybodies have finally caught on to her terrible ways, raided her house, took her kid away, and she is now facing 30 years in prison! This is government folks.  The one thing people claim we have to have them for (law, police, courts), they are terrible at.  They make arbitrary, immoral laws that benefit not the citizens, but usually some special interest, and in the case of Marijuana – many special interests (police, drug companies, plastics, paper, hospitals, the government courts, and others).

See our past article “Medical Marijuana” to learn more about using this plant as medicine.

Its also interesting how the state’s idea of promoting child welfare is to rip families apart, and put children who need and love their parents into “protective” custody.  See the following links for more on Child Protective Services with activist and whistleblower Carlos Morales.

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