Do Not Swallow: The Case Against Fluoride


Fluoride is not a healthy substance to ingest.  It is not a medicine.  It is not a FDA approved medicine (if that meant anything). It does not make teeth or bodies healthier.  It is forcibly added to our water, based on bad science.  I don’t believe it is an evil plot.  It is just bad science, bad medicine, and bad health policy.  This is no surprise, since governments and mainstream medicine typically have pretty bad health recommendations.

Most mainstream health recommendations stem from allopathic medicine.  This comes down to treating symptoms, rather than causes.  Most mainstream health professionals see individual health issues, rather than the total interrelated, complicated health of the whole person.  In reality, every little part of the body is connected.  Everything we eat has immediate, and long-term impacts.  We get medicines that treat symptoms and make us feel better, but don’t help our bodies become stronger for the long run.  We might beat an illness after weeks, months, or years of fighting with it – by using drugs, medicines, painkillers, surgeries, etc. – but the body, its systems, and the immune system are no stronger.  So people continue to get recurring issues.  They get regular bouts of colds and flu.  They get cancer that keeps coming back.  They have chronic issues in the body.

To the allopathic medical professional it’s all a big mystery.  To them, diseases, illnesses, and chronic conditions just happen out of nowhere, or we get the flu because it is “flu season”. They think (and teach people to think) that cancer and other conditions have nothing to do with how the person was living, and that healing it has nothing to do with improving their way of life.  People are taught to take their pills, see the doctors, get lots of screenings, and so on.

The movement to fluoridate water is no different.  It’s like medicine performed by a caveman with a club.  They see problem – cavities.  They find solution – fluoride.  They view health issues in an isolated way, not affected by or affecting any other part of the body. They find very flimsy evidence that fluoride helps protect the teeth against erosion and cavities – and they run with it.  No thought is given to any other implications.  No thought is given to truly understanding how to naturally have healthy teeth.

In truth teeth can be remineralized naturally.  See here for more.  It is no different from any other part of the body.  Treat it the right way, feed it the right things, and the body will take care of itself.  If given the right resources, the body has the tools to heal and stay healthy.

Here’s a quick personal story.  I went to the dentist about a year and a half ago.  It was a mainstream sort of dentist.  I was rushed in, and rushed out; told I had 5 or 6 cavities that I should get filled right away.  I was first starting to learn about natural dental health at the time.  So I went home, did some research, and started to change my habits.  Just recently I went back to the dentist (this time a natural or biological dentist).  Now I only have 3 “trouble spots”.  First, look at those implications.  That means what I’ve been doing works. I have no new cavities, a few had healed or partially healed, and I drink virtually NO fluoridated water, except when I have to.  I use fluoride free toothpaste. I take supplements like vitamin K2, D, A, and E.  I avoid grains (for multiple reasons) which are high in phytic acid. I avoid sugary and acidic drinks like sodas. And I eat an overall healthy diet.  Yes, being healthy works.

Second lets look at how this new dentist reacted when seeing these trouble spots.  Her immediate reaction was not to say, “okay, lets schedule the drilling”.  She gave me health recommendations.  She said lets keep an eye on it.  She gave me a prescription paste than can help recalcify teeth naturally. A filling is used as a last resort.  That is a world of difference from the standard “drill n fill” dentist.

Every tube of fluoride toothpaste says “Do Not Swallow” for a reason.  Workers in water plants have to wear safety gear when handling it.  But we are suppose to drink it – for our health.  All sorts of justifications will be made, but what it comes down to is just bad science.  Bad science that is dug in and entrenched.  Those who are a part of the bad science defend it, because no one wants to be wrong, least of all about giving bad health advice. Those who were taught the benefits of fluoridating will defend it because no one wants to think their teachers, mentors, politicians, and doctors (the authority figures) were wrong.  Well sometimes we get things wrong.  And we have to go back and revise. (Think about lead, leaches, lobotomies, cigarettes, vegetable oil, artificial sweeteners, grains; not to mention all the things we were told were not healthy, but are – like butter and eggs.) We change our predominate thinking on health all the time. But, its interesting that with certain hot button issues (ex. vaccines, cancer, etc.) – open discussion and revising of what we think we know is discouraged and mocked. Anyone who expresses a contrarian view on fluoride and a number of other issues is labeled a quack, a cook, a conspiracy theorist, or just ignored. In my mind, I find it the other way around.  Many mainstream “health” professionals are quacks practicing well funded pseudoscience, while the real scientists and doctors are figuring out how to be healthy, stay healthy, and “first, do no harm”.

I’m not going to make the full case against fluoride right here.  I will leave you to your own research.  There is a lengthy list of resources below on the case against fluoridating water.

Some quick points that are covered in the links below – fluoride is not healthy; is not effective; is admitted to not be useful when swallowed; is damaging to the body; is an industrial waste byproduct; is being removed from cities all over the country; most of the world already doesn’t fluoridate (and does not have higher rates of decay); and dental health, as with the rest of the body, comes from living a healthy life and eating the right foods, not from ingesting chemicals.

Enjoy, share around on social media and with your friends, family, or local government.  Be the change you’d like to see.  Do your own research.  Change your own habits, and take your health back into your own hands.  If you know of other good resources on fluoridation, please add them in the comments below, and I’ll add them to this list with credit given.

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  • wrdwevr

    Excellent article! Thank you!

  • I have asked many forced-fluoridation fanatics to tell me how much accumulated fluoride in the body they think is safe. So far not a single one of them has been able to answer the question.

  • Being in the construction industry for many years, part of the safety training that we get involves us in identifying chemical substances this is called WHMIS and with that every chemical substance that’s sold on the market has something called a Material Safety Data Sheet that has to be shipped with the product by law. If not then the manufacture can be charged with breaching occupational health and safety laws.

    Below Is A Link To A MSDS For Sodium Flouride

    • NPF

      Excellent resource. Important to see the facts plain as day. Of course people will rebutt when confronted with stuff like this, that there is just a microscopic amount in water, so it is not to a poisonous level. I call bull though because even a little poison is poison. Our bodies are just not meant to process certain substances, in any amount. And as the previous commenter points out, it accumulates. Again, thanks for sharing and for reading!

      Added this to the list of links above – and to the “Fluoride Resources” page I’ve created – if anyone wishes to share around just the info without my added commentary.

      • The majority of people will won’t give any consideration to this type of useful information. They’ll regard it as some kind of conspiracy theory which is fine I don’t care what people think anyways. But if it’s any indication maybe at some point someone besides myself will regard this information as helpful who knows, only time will tell.

        • NPF

          I hear ya. I feel like thats how most people respond to most of what I write. LoL

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