What Tom Woods Told 11th Graders About Liberty


Tom Woods gave this talk to eleventh graders, but it is a great introduction for anyone. Even if you’re already familiar with these concepts, give it a listen.  Tom is entertaining as always.

He and the students discuss rights – the nature of them, positive rights, negative rights, and where it all comes from.  They discuss economic systems, the industrial revolution, and cover common misconceptions of a laissez-faire system.   He covers law, property, and the origins of ownership. They also hit upon basic libertarian ideas like –  you own yourself, we are not the government, the non-aggression principle, and don’t hit people and don’t take their things. Plus one of my favorite economic topics – the myth of the natural monopoly.

Have a listen; ask a question; leave a comment, like & share around!

See the full show notes here at the Tom Woods Show site

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