The Six Pillars of a Healthy Life


People tend to make being healthy so complicated.  We get advice from government, doctors, schools, the first lady, infomercials, and all over the internet. And yes, it can be confusing.  Who to listen to; who to trust; who to follow?  Well thats the problem.  Don’t “trust” anyone.  We can all take charge of our health ourselves.  The information is out there.  Being healthy, disease free, and fit is not actually a mystery.

No matter what any of them say, the old food pyramid is not healthy (nor is the new Govt. “plate” diagram), a serving of canned vegetables every once in a while will not keep you fit, and taking pharmaceuticals to band-aid problems is not healthy.  Quick fixes, magic bullets, programs, drugs, and gurus will not just magically make you healthy.  The word holistic is not just some quack idea.  Health really is a holistic thing.  Every little part of the body is tied together: heart, brain, gut, muscles, organs, fat, and so on – they all relate together symbiotically.  And in the list is also bacteria.  A healthy relationship with your internal bacteria is an extremely important part of overall health. In fact, taking antibiotics every time you get a sniffle is harmful.  Over time you’re depleting your body of good bacteria and your immune system never learns to work on its own to kill the bad bacteria.

In this podcast below these guys make it real simple.  It is not a system or a plan to sign up for. There is nothing to buy or order. They break health down into 6 simple ideas.  There is more to it obviously, but if you start by implementing these 6 changes in your life – you can get on the right track, lose weight, heal disease, and live a happier, more fulfilled life. The first and my favorite pillar is: Eat Real Food.  That can go a long way.  Listen to the podcast for the rest; and bookmark this site so that you can check out the health links on the “Health Resources” page.

Listen below, or check out the full show notes over at School Sucks Project here.

See Kevin Geary’s original article here on the 6 pillars.

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