Medical Marijuana

Health freedom is a very important issue in our time. When people get in the way of individuals making their own health decisions, you know you are on the way to tyranny. That might sound like hyperbole, but really, when someone is dictating to you what you can and can’t do for your own health and enjoyment, that violates the basic principle of self-ownership. The issue of marijuana is one specific issue that we should all care about, regardless if we want to use it or not. This issue represents freedom and illustrates the hypocrisy of government “law”.

The marijuana issue reminds us of the point that governments shouldn’t be dictating to us what we can and can’t do with our bodies.  Nothing should be arbitrarily kept off the market, and nothing should be forced upon me with a mandate.  It is not moral or just for a monopolist of power (the government) to use force upon us in these ways.

It strikes to the root of freedom, because these issues have to do with the very essence of life – our health. We know we are still struggling to attain true freedom when the government and their connected cronies seek to control what we can and can’t do with our bodies. We need true access to health care. And I obviously don’t mean that in the same way the media and the liberals do. When they clamor for “access to health care” the translation reads…”desire to have someone else pay for your sick care”.  I’m going off on a tangent here, one that I’ll cover more in future articles, and have covered in the past: (“Health Care” Does Not Equal Health) – but insurance and Obamacare are not health.  In fact, most of the “health” industry is actually the sick care industry.  They seem to try to keep real health a closely guarded secret, but it can’t be contained any longer.  Age old wisdom of nutrition and wellness is coming back around.

Governments have absolutely no business doing 99% of what they do today.  In a free society, the market, powered by voluntary interactions could entirely replace government. But, even using the argument for a limited and “proper” government – in that case they should really only be providing courts and defense.  I’m pretty sure we can figure out how to build roads, feed ourselves and everything else – without government controlling everything.

The access I seek is to have all products, services, and options on the table, free of regulations, burdens, meddling, mandates, and disinformation.  I find it absurd that it isn’t just legal, but encouraged to inject infants full of mercury and aluminum without any real scientific reasoning, but I can’t buy raw milk from a farmer.  I find it absurd that I can legally buy cigarettes and alcohol (since these are government connected industries) but I can’t purchase harmless, healthy, non-addictive marijuana anywhere I want.  In fact if I did want to buy it, I’d have to risk ruining my life, imprisonment, and dealing with shady people.  I find it absurd that between TV “programming” we are encouraged to buy and eat “foods” that are literally poison to our bodies, but all over the country HOAs hassle people if they grow vegetables in the wrong place; vitamins are demonized in the media; and families are torn apart, parents throw in jail, kids put into state custody, because the parents tried to use marijuana to treat the child’s health issue.  And finally I find it absurd that most “doctors” know very little about really being healthy – and instead know how to run scans and push drugs.

So enough of me.  Let’s hear from some experts on the health benefits of marijuana and of the corrupt legacy of prohibition.

Here is a podcast with Rick Simpson – one of the strongest proponents of cannabis oil – and the creator of “Rick Simpson Oil”.

Here is a very informative full length documentary called “True History of Marijuana”.

Here is an excellent segment by Ben Swann, giving a great outline on the benefits of marijuana and the current legal circumstances surrounding it.  He gives a great analysis of the sad, but probable prospects for future government control of this plant.

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