Political Pedophilia

This is not the happiest topic, but it is an important one.  This story is just one of many that illustrate the double standards between us and the powers that be in the world. If any of us were to rob someone, hurt someone, defraud people, etc. – we would be punished, as we should.  If we happen to commit a crime “against the state” like not paying taxes, “treason”, etc – we will really get it.

But, if you are a government official, a politician, a corporate crony, some power broker, or any other connected powerful person you play by different rules.  These people can fake the news, start wars, kill thousands, confiscate private property, use violence, assault women, and yes, even rape children.  If you’re a cop and you destroy private property, shoot dogs, slam pregnant women to the ground, shoot unarmed men in the back, or your prisoner “shoots himself”…while handcuffed; then you get a paid vacation.  If you’re a fascist government crony and you hand out billions to favored corporations you’re hailed as “saving the economy”.  If you’re a politician and you intentionally fund terrorists and encourage war you’re hailed as “protecting the national interest”.  And if you’re any sort of powerful connected person and you assault a woman or molest children you can get away with it for years – if not forever.  The media will cover up for you.  The government will cover up for you.  Watchdogs will turn a blind eye.

As the saying goes, putting on a blue costume and flashing a shiny badge does not grant extra rights.  The same goes for all these people.  This shouldn’t have anything to do with any particular government.  Right and wrong is objective.  Morality is objective.  If you aggress against other people, regardless of who you, you should be held accountable.

The thing is though; we see behavior like this from those in power because they have the power; because they think they can get away with it.  “Authority”, or the supposed right to command other people tends to attract people who already have a predisposition to evil and corruption.  Moral of the story, don’t blindly trust those in the monopolized system of power and control.  There is always a different act – drug smuggling, insider deals, scientific cover ups, kickbacks, false flags, or rape.  They’re into everything.  Part of what makes this power system possible is the ability to bestow special privileges on others. Thus starts the entire system of collusion between government and all industries.  With a wink and a nod a thousand corruptions are born.  If you’re the institution filled with the power hungry, who create the “law”, thinks they create morality, enforces the laws, and carries out justice – corruption will ensue.

See the video below for an investigation of pedophilia within the power-elite around the world.   As always, please follow on wordpress, like on facebook, or share our content.

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