The One Plus One

This is a little bit different than what I normally talk about, but I’m just excited.  I got a new phone in the mail today.  I loved my last phone.  It was a Moto G, less than a year and a half old.  But, it started to have some issues, mainly that even after a factory reset, it wasn’t making or receiving calls properly ; kind of important for a phone.  So in the past week I was doing my research.  I was considering another Motorola, or maybe a phone from the smaller company Blu.  But then I happened upon this phone I had never heard of, a One Plus One.

The company dubs it the “Flagship Killer” – due to it having top of the line specs, but being half the price or less of the mainstream top-tier phones from Samsung, Apple, and HTC.  So this intrigued me.  It has stellar reviews everywhere you look.  The website is simple, but sharp.  And the company is a small upstart, producing a well thought out, beautiful product.  See here for their marketing video.

Anyway, they do sales through an invite system – and they do open sales every Tuesday.  A little weird, yes; but its all part of their marketing strategy.  They spend no money on traditional advertising, and they let the phone itself and the limited sales system hype up the brand.  So, on Tuesday I ordered one.  Today it arrived, and it is beautiful.  I opted for the $350 64GB model.  It was more than I wanted to spend for a new phone, but I love good products, and a good value – and this offered it.  Phones with similar (or even lesser) specs from the big companies like Samsung, HTC, and Apple run 600-800 dollars.  Thats just insane to me.  Hey maybe $350 is insane to some people, but it is more than worth it to me.  They also have a $300 model with 16GB of storage.

So, like I said, a little bit of a different post for this blog.  But I think this is a great example of the market in action; of innovative people all around the world building great things, and competing to provide the best for less and less money.

If you’re looking for a phone in this price range, consider this one.  I also read they’re slated to launch the “One Plus Two” later in 2015 – in which case the “One” might drop even lower in price.

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