Garden Update #1

In my recent post, Grow Some Food!, I encouraged everyone to start gardening and posted a picture of my porch garden.  Here is a quick update.  Hopefully this will be more encouragement to get out in the dirt.  Two weeks since that post it looks much fuller, tonight about 1/3 of our salad came from the garden, and I’ve got an interesting addition to the porch. See pics below!

DSCF3769The garden as of yesterday.  Again, refer to the previous post on this for the before pic to see the progress.  Especially notice the cucumber plants in front and the lettuce growth towards the back.


Here is what I pulled tonight for our salad: A nice bunch of green leaf lettuce, 2 large radishes, some cilantro, flat leaf parsley, spinach, and sweet basil.


And here is the surprise addition to the garden. I posted this article recently on our facebook page: Nutrition Philosophy Freedom.  It described how you can regrow many common fruits and vegetables using the scraps.  This might seem kind of simple or obvious, but it blew my mind.  Its almost like I’m doing magic right in a pot! As I described in Grow Some Food! food should not be an issue around the world.  And this just reinforces it.  We can buy inexpensive organic lettuce from the grocery store, eat it, and then literally regrow it with some dirt and water.  Pictured above is a decapitated head of romaine lettuce regrowing itself.

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  • You’ve done a fantastic job with your garden and you are showing you don’t need a lot of space either! Well done! 🙂

  • I love garden and you have a nice one!

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    Nice tip about gardening

  • Just loved this

  • What a great idea and I have just the porch for starting something like this. Is it too late to start seedlings?

    • NPF

      Awesome! I hope you do it. To your question – yes and no. Depending on where you are and what you’d like to grow it is too late for some plants. Pick out some plants and check the typical growing season. Even in Texas where I live, things like peppers, tomatoes, and cucumber will do good through the summer. It is too late to start many herbs, leafy greens, and similar plants though. My spinach and one of my cilantro pots already bolted weeks ago. You could also go to a local garden center or nursery and get some matured plants to make up the time. Good luck!

      • Thanks for your help. I think if I do this, I will probably start next year. I have a three week vacation coming up, and I won’t be able to tend to the garden then anyway. How early did you start planting this year? I live in Wisconsin and we have still had snow flurries the last two days. 🙁

        • NPF

          Down here I planted seeds and bought new plants end of Jan, beginning of Feb. Some keep through the winter like the peppers. Up at your latitude you’ll have a shorter growing season, so can start much later than me. But, the benefit of using containers is you can move them around. You can start in late winter inside, and when frosts are mostly over move outside….plus you should be able to grow our “winter” crops like the leafy & cruciferous plants more of the year. When you buy seeds they typically have timing recommendations on the back of the packet based on your region. Best of luck and thanks for reading.

          • Thanks for the help! It’s always a challenge growing plants in a cold climate. 🙂

  • I love your garden! I am always so happy to see other people growing a garden too. Thank you for sharing it with us. 😀

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