The Truth About Schools

Stefan Molyneux just put out a new video on school.  In close to 45 minutes he covers the history of government schooling, going back hundreds of years.  Very interesting to see the roots of it all and why it was started.  It goes well beyond the Prussians and their plans for obedient workers and soldiers.  Have a watch down below.  Well worth it.

Also, a great time to repost an article I wrote about six months ago called The Absurdity of Public Education.  I did my best to dismantle the supposed benefits and the glorification of government schools.

And here is a recent interview by Brett of the School Sucks Project – where he talks to Dr. Jody Underwood on the current problems with public schools.  Its a great conversation. And as always I’d recommend anything on the School Sucks website.  If the name implies its just for rebellious middle schoolers, thats not the case.  He does loads of great work on the history of school, history in general, alternative education models, philosophy, the Trivium method, and more.  Check it out!

The last video down below is a recent song released by youtube user “boyinaband”. In a little over a month, its received almost 1.5 million views.  The video is called “Don’t Stay In School”.  It brings a lot of topics to light; making the point that many of the things we learn in government schools are basically useless in real life.  With the title, I don’t think he is implying don’t go to any school, or don’t learn – but its just a play on the old “stay in school” motto – to point some of these issues out.  I take issue with some of his conclusions – like saying that schools should be teaching us better how to pay taxes – but overall, a fun video.

Finally, here is a link to our education resources page…Education Resources

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