The Controlled Media

So Brian Williams has been lying.  Was this really a surprise to anyone?  Well it shouldn’t have been.  Does anyone think this kind of thing is confined to a few bad apples like Williams? You shouldn’t.  The media doesn’t merely tell innocent lies to make themselves look better.  It is much worse than that, and is fairly obvious once you dig into it. The whole industry is controlled and coordinated to send out certain messages.  If you are watching mainstream media of any sort, you can be pretty sure  there is some narrative or agenda behind what you are watching.  This includes virtually all television and print news and entertainment.

Of course everyone has an agenda in the media, even most independent media people are thinking human beings, and are not beyond having opinions.  This fact itself is one of the myths of media.  We are lead to believe there is “slanted” news and then there is quality, objective news; you know, just the facts.  This is the myth.  It is all slanted!This does not mean there isn’t truth.  There is always a true story.  But it matters who is telling the story, and then if they are embellishing with more than the truth.  Everyone has their paradigm within the mainstream media system.  Some think Fox News is slanted and PBS tells it more like it is. Some think MSNBC is slanted and Drudge Report is objective.  People were told to think Walter Cronkite is the “most trusted man in American”.  This whole thing gives the illusion that a lot of news is bad, but some is good.  You should pick the good one, and tune in every night.  Again, its all slanted.  The important thing is what are the ideas it is slanted towards? And that is the difference and the problem between the mainstream media and other more independent sources.

Without exception big mainstream media sources are slanted towards the government, the military, defense contractors, pharmaceutical companies, international think tanks, the banks, the Federal Reserve – essentially towards the status quo, towards those in power.  They might be directly bought and paid for.  They might have key people placed at each outlet.  They might just unquestioningly read the government press releases they are given each day.  In the mainstream media you’re seeing government controls played out right on your TV.  You’re being told what to think, what to fear, who to admire, what is good, and what is bad.

No, Assad did not gas attack his own people.  You were just told this narrative to drum up hysteria for an invasion.  (This one did not work.)  No, babies were not thrown out of incubators in Kuwait by evil Iraqi invaders.  (Sadly this one did work.)  Yes, you are much more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist.  And the job of police officer is actually safer than it has ever been.  Yes, Cannabis oil can treat diseases  (or here)and smoking marijuana is healthier and safer than alcohol.  No, measles, swine flu, bird flu, and ebola are not huge health risks.   When an American subject is killed somewhere by someone we’re supposed to be afraid of – we hear all about it for weeks.  When millions are abused and mistreated in the prisons, millions are lied to and abused with psychiatric and other drugs, and chaos reigns in government created ghettos week after week – we don’t hear too much about these stories.  Watch the news for 30 minutes (on any outlet), and you’ll hear 10 minutes of fear propaganda (terrorists, outbreaks, guns), 8 minutes of useless drivel on sports and celebrities, 10 minutes of advertising for useless junk and dangerous drugs, and 2 minutes of some feel good story, usually making some government employee look kind and heroic.

It doesn’t come down to if an outlet is slanted.  It is how it is slanted.  It is important to see what the ideas are and who the  string-pullers are.  I recommend alternative, independent media.  With these outlets you do get slant, but you don’t usually get string-pullers.  With mainstream media they’re all pro-government, pro-military, pro-Federal Reserve, pro-Pharma, etc.  They’ll all be status-quo government pushers, but each will be aligned to a specific government; i.e. Washington, Russia, Canada, the UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc.  You might think this sounds absurd.  Well its not.  For thousands of years those in power have wanted to control the messages that seep out into the public.

All you have to do is choose not to consume that kind of media.  Seek out the ideas you value.  Instead of letting your information consumption be guided by a government or company, let it be guided by an idea.  With independent media you don’t have to worry about political or corporate backers so much.  Its all about the ideas or the philosophy of the outlet.  The beautiful thing is that it is all out in the open.  On a big network they will try their darndest to hide their backers and put up an illusion of objectivity.  With most independent media, they’ll tell you straight up, we have no backers, please donate if you enjoy our content, and here is our philosophy.  So you know upfront what will be guiding their viewpoints.   In other words, it puts philosophy to the forefront; that becomes how you choose your “channel”.  Instead of the TV news telling me they’re the “most trusted” in town or whatever, I’ll know for myself that who I’m listening to is trustworthy because they are backing up what they are saying with philosophy that I find to be good and moral.  We have a lot to choose from on the internet.  These are no longer the days of vegging out on the sofa  and watching the networks.

My suggestion; don’t watch the news on TV!  Become an active information consumer instead. Seek out what you want to know about.  Search for a topic on youtube or your preferred search engine.  With independent or alternative media we can again learn how to think and analyze what goes on in the world.    Follow ideas or outlets you like on social media for the latest updates.  Or bookmark this site and utilize our homepage as a hub for great information.  Along the right hand side of the page you’ll find a long list of links to other websites. (possibly at the bottom of the page if viewing on a mobile device.)

And finally for an introduction into the deceptions in the media James Corbett discusses these ideas in the video below.  Thanks for visiting.  If you enjoy our content please “Follow” on WordPress, “Like” the page on Facebook, or share our posts with friends and family.

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  • DH

    The MSM seems to create or fuel conflicts where there previously were none. See the riots following the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Had those incidents been reported differently, without the overt narratives of racial divide and hate crime, it’s a reasonable assumption that much of the rioting could have been avoided. See also the feigned “public debate” on vaccines. That’s a media concoction if there ever was one.

    When we’re distracted into hating other races and countries and arguing fruitlessly over small things, we forget that we’re being taxed to death and led unwittingly down a path of economic collapse and government intervention in all aspects of life. It’s better to keep us distracted and fighting with one another so we don’t wise up and realize what the real problems are.

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