The Roots of Modern “Medicine”

Modern “Medicine” is in shambles.  I put that in quotations because much of what people think is great advanced medicine is nothing of the sort.  Its all been twisted and confused. Much of modern medicine breaks the “do no harm” rule right away. Some think we are seeing longer life spans solely because the wonders of this medicine.  I don’t think so.  I think we are seeing longer life spans due in part to modern medicine, but also a great deal because of – better living conditions, better safety equipment, better emergency surgery in the event of accidents, and more plentiful food sources.

The entire notion of medicine has changed since a few things emerged.  These things are the patent system, the state sponsored and connected corporation, and synthetic chemicals. This perfect storm created “Allopathic” medicine.  This is the type of medicine we see today.  It is based on drugs, and “fixing” an issue through any means necessary (without thinking about how it affects the rest of the body).  Medicine used to truly be the “do no harm” type.  This was natural medicine, or in other words,  just time tested principles of staying healthy. It was similar to eastern medicinal traditions (where outside of disease and accidents lifespans were sometimes very long.) Today, in opposition to Allopathic medicine, this more natural type of healing is called Osteopathic medicine.  This is in the tradition of homeopathic medicine – through understanding how the bodies’ systems really work, giving the body what it truly needs to heal itself and be healthy.  This could include the right foods, vitamins, supplements, herbs, exercise, sunlight, ph balance, hormone therapy, and others.

Everything is backwards these days in the world dominated by Allopathic medicine, governments, and insurance companies.  Many “treatments” are toxic.  “Immunizations” can damage the body.  Doctors know how to write a prescription, but can’t give real nutritional health advice.  Real health treatments and cures are shunned and covered up  because they can’t be patented.  Marijuana is labeled as dangerous and illegal by the medical establishment, even though its not just safe, its healthy!  People shun food and shovel pharmaceuticals down their throats.  People think they’ve got their health covered if they have health “insurance”.  The “Affordable” Care Act ended up raising prices for most of us. The same plan, believed by the masses to help them – was written by the insurance companies – to insure their own successes.  Those involved in natural health or Osteopathic medicine are labeled as illegitimate or quacks. Medical schools are funded in large part by pharmaceutical companies, and we wonder why mainstream doctors know how to prescribe and cut and scan, but not heal.  Seasonal vaccines like the one for flu often give the person the flu! Antibiotic use compromises the immune system over the years, in a perpetual downhill cycle.  People think they’re being “health-conscious” if they choose the lite yogurt or the diet Coke or the whole grain sandwich or the lite dressing. People are obsessed over political battles over so called “health care”, but won’t take a little bit of time to learn how to actually be healthier so they don’t need so much “health care”.

Its all backwards.  Many “conservatives” think “Obamacare” is the end of the world, and if the government only repealed it everything would be fine.  Well the truth is, the US “health” system was already pretty screwed up.  I’ve written on all of this before in a post title “Health Care vs. Real Health“. At the end of that article you can find many great resources to start learning about being truly healthy.

The video below is a great introduction into the shadowy story of the beginnings of the modern medical establishment.  James Corbett always does excellent work.  You’ll enjoy it.  Go in with an open mind.

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