The Website Rundown – September 2014

I started this blog to share good information and promote healthy living, rational philosophy, and a free world.  But, I don’t have time to fully elaborate on everything I come across.  So I’m starting what will be a recurring post each month, tentatively titled “The Website Rundown” – where I will share some of the most interesting articles, podcasts, or videos I’ve come across in the past month.  This gives me the chance to share information I think is valuable, and it hopefully offers you the chance to explore some new topics.  You’ll notice I recently posted another similar monthly post, but specifically for health and nutrition issues, tentatively titled “Health Resources“.  Look for these two posts monthly for a great compilation of what’s happening in the world.

The School Sucks Project – my new favorite podcast and website at the moment.  It was started by a man who went through the whole gambit, from zoned out student, leftist, statist do-gooder teacher, to really waking up, seeing the nature of the school system and the government on the whole, and finally adhering to a rational, principled philosophy. They discuss a variety of topics, not only education issues.  Below are examples of some great series they have put out.  On each page, be sure to find the first of each series and start from there.

  • Logic Saves Lives – A series on how the practical application of logic and rational thinking can actually improve your life, the world, and literally save lives.
  • The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem – A series based on Nathaniel Branden’s work, delving into self-esteem, happiness, and various philosophical topics.  Most important point is that self esteem is vital to our lives, but it is not just something we have by seeing or finding it within ourselves.  It is something that must be built, through action and ideas.
  • American History F-ed – Their intro series to how warped the teaching of history and other topics has become in schools and colleges.

Bitcoin and Paypal – Paypal announcing interesting things in regards to Bitcoin.  Also interesting, Paypal and eBay announced this week they will be parting ways – possibly a sign eBay would like to move more in the direction of Bitcoin adoption.

Governance Via Bitcoin – As I’ve noted on the blog before, Bitcoin is not just a money.  Bitcoin alone is both a money and a payment system.  But more importantly, the technology underlying Bitcoin is revolutionary and makes many things possible, secure contracts, ownership rights, voting, domain names, law, and even governance itself – all open, transparent, and secure.  Bitcoin is just the first wave.  The Blockchain will change the world.

3D Printed Car – 3D printed car.  Enough said.

Government Blocks International Discount Airline – This was of particular interest to me.  I love to travel and know that airfares are greatly inflated beyond what they would be in a normally functioning market.  Nationalist protectionism at its finest here.

Lessons Learned From Scotland’s Push For Independence – Any decentralization is a good thing, at any level.  The vote didn’t go the right way this time, but it was still great to see this happening – that the world is starting to see it is not so absurd for a nation state to split into smaller parts.  It would not in fact be the end of the world.

Freedom! – By Adam Kokesh – Might as well plug Adam Kokesh’s book again.  It packs a punch.  It systematically makes the case for a free society.  He uses logic and facts, not rhetoric, bias, or feelings.  A great read or listen for anyone, at any point on your journey.  Available in youtube format, or available by audio download or physical book on his website.

War, Media Propaganda, and the Police State – In 20 minutes, this guy lays out some honest realities of what’s going on in the world.  Worth a listen.


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