The Science of Climate Change – Patrick Moore with Stefan Molyneux

Such a good talk – it deserves its own post.  I will add very little commentary here.  It speaks for itself.  Critical thinking and evidence has always told us there is something fishy about the hysterical side of environmentalism.  Treating the environment we live in well, sustaining the resources we use, and preserving wonders for the future are great endeavors.  But, maniacal doomsday propaganda, tax schemes, hollywood movies, ridiculous laws, and regulations that serve special interests don’t improve the environment, but help to destroy living standards and economies – while making some people a lot of money.  It is no different than any other thing in the world.  Governments want to control.  Certain people want power and money.  And you don’t get the whole truth.  So seek it.  We shouldn’t think with our feelings, or blindly believe anything governments tell us.

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