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If you’ve enjoyed my articles so far, and have found them helpful and informative please consider helping us out.  This is a part time thing I try to fit in around my day job and other pursuits.  I have loads of ideas for new and interesting content, and would love to be able to get more of it out.  In the queue, I’ve got many more articles on health, disease prevention, nutrition, history, war, philosophy, economics, gardening, technology, and more.  And for months now I’ve been working on a very long article, currently over 20 pages – on our corrupt and broken legal system, law theory, and possible alternatives to the way we currently provide those types of services – which will be coming out soon, and will probably be made available as a small e-book as well, available for free, and on Kindle for 99 cents.  If you want to see more of all that, here are a few ways you can help!

1. Share this site or the individual articles.  This would be the best way to help, because right now I need more readers.  Below each post there are sharing buttons.  You could also “like” us on Facebook, and share the articles there.  The main page has a link to the Facebook page at the top.  If you are here for the first time and you like what you see, please either subscribe through e-mail, or through WordPress if you have an account.

2.  I just launched an online store through CafePress where you can buy custom designed products my wife and I have designed.  We make a small commission on each product sold.  Right now there is a limited selection, but we will be coming up with lots of great content there that can be put on t-shirts, household items, etc.  The link is or you can find it on the side of the page.

3.  If you’d like to donate directly you can use Bitcoin or Paypal.  On the right side of the page you will find a Paypal “Donate” button where you can use credit cards or your Paypal balance.  You can also use Bitcoin.  The address and QR code are to the right as well.

4.  If you or anyone you know is particularly interested in Bitcoin or would like to know more about it, also visit or share our other site at  We offer consulting services to help you or your business get educated on Bitcoin and blockchain technologies.  We can provide face to face or Skype consultations to answer any qustions you have and help you adopt the technology in your life.  You can also “like” that page on Facebook with a link at the top of the page over there.

I’d be glad for any contribution you can make, whether monetary or spreading our site to your friends.  I’ll continue to put out interesting and helpful content and welcome your suggestions, comments, and questions.

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