Pure Propaganda on Benghazi


On the way home from work today I heard on state radio that our fearless leaders have captured some dangerous Muslim.  The government story is that this man was responsible for the attack on the embassy in Benghazi, Libya.  Well, your government is lying to you.

Isn’t it interesting that with all the hoopla surrounding congressional investigations into Benghazi, we just happen to get a “he done it” bad guy right now to pin all the blame on…AND according to state radio he just happens to say the events in Benghazi were all about the anti-Islam video.

The way this event has played out in popular US politics and media is that there was this attack by crazy Islamists on a US embassy, fueled by a youtube video, and the “left” and “right” have been bickering about whether the situation was dealt with properly or not, and if Obama could have done more to save these American public servants’ lives.  The “right” has been fuming that Obama allowed “Al-Qaeda” to attack Americans.  They’ve insisted this was a terrorist attack and the administration covered that fact up to hide their poor handling of the situation.

Well, sorry.  None of that was the real issue.  It was a big complicated mess with the CIA, arms shipments, etc.  Don’t ever trust the media version of “news”.  As with the suspicious events involving “ISIS”, which maybe I’ll write more on later (fleets of shiny new toyotas complete with scary terrorist logos, US officials recently hinting they’re fed up with Maliki, claiming no one saw this coming when its been brewing for months, the US being “against” “Al Qaeda” in Iraq, and arming them in Syria – while the media tell us this is the greatest threat to civilization in years) or with many other world events – there is always more to the story.  And the information is always out there.

Its well within reason and evidence for our government to have picked up some guy, put all the blame on him, and then put on a show trial charade to show us they’ve gotten to the bottom of it and there’s nothing else to see.  “We’ve gotten justice; this guy confirms our story; mission accomplished.”

See or listen to the clip below.  James Corbett lays this out better than I’ve heard anyone else do it.  James Corbett Explaining Events in Benghazi

And for a lengthy, in depth examination into the course of events that lead to modern US foreign policy check out this article by Murray Rothbard: Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy

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