“Health Care” Does Not Equal Health

healthcareThere is an obsession in this country with what they call “health care”.  You can see it everywhere.  The medical industry makes up a huge part of the overall economy.  There are constant manufactured battles in politics over how to use imaginary and stolen money to provide this health care.  People on the two pre-ordained “sides” become so hateful and venomous arguing over it.  There’s a national month for every disease – along with a multitude of causes, marathons, charities – fighting various wars on medical ailments.  Don’t get me wrong, the entire country does need to be healthier. People should be considering how to gain better health, and yes, as things stand, millions suffer and die from a variety of ailments.

I think there has been a corruption in the language and in the focus of health in the world.  People need to call our health system what it is – sick care.  Most people only ever go to a doctor if they have had some sort of accident – or if they have something that needs treating.  You go and you get medicine or treatment.  Even with the yearly preventive care checkups they merely run standard checks to make sure you don’t “have” something.  And then if you do “have” something – most of the time they just prescribe you a pill – that might “fix” the issue, but cause other problems that will pop up later – and without addressing why you have that something in the first place, or what really might have caused it.  In other words,  with some exceptions, the health industry isn’t in the business of promoting healthy living, but in treating sicknesses.  

They’re playing a constant game of catch-up – and I think for several reasons, some of them intentional. The entire health industry – again with some exceptions – is working with bad information. Through decades of crooked science, lobbying, government meddling, revolving door pharma/FDA positions, etc – the medical establishment has come to push some very poor health advice. Some things have had huge effects on world health.  The standard food pyramid they used for years was completely backwards and has led to generations of health issues.  Corn isn’t a vegetable, nor is it healthy, yet it has become the single largest ingredient in foods.  Grains, even “whole grains”, are not that healthy.  Fat in foods doesn’t cause fat gain or heart issues directly.  Not all cholesterol is bad.  Various pills like blood pressure medications and others only “work” by manipulating the bodies’ systems in artificial ways – while never addressing the original issues.  Cancer treatments might kill cancer, but they also cause massive damage (and other non-harmful treatments are ignored – as are the real causes of cancers.)  Companies everyday are coming up with better ways to maintain and treat diabetes, while the focus should be on preventing diabetes. So many mental health issues are not just random occurrences, but are caused by a build up of personal issues, nutrient deficiencies, lack of sleep, traumas, etc. – yet millions are over diagnosed with made up illnesses – and their lives made worse with debilitating pharmaceuticals – and being sucked into a lifelong system of “treatment”.

People don’t have to have health issues.  They are caused by mistreatment of the body. Then our medical system “treats” the ailments – but why is this country obsessed over treatments and cures, but not on preventing diseases and living healthier happier lives – with living naturally, with treating each system of the body how it is meant to be treated. People – left, right, republican, democrat, socialist, libertarian – they should all be focused on health! – not on laws and grand government plans.  Vitamins C, D, and K2, cannabis oil, amino acids, niacin, vitamin B17, herbs, apple cider vinegar, vegetables -spinach, kale, brussel sprouts; grass-fed meats, spirulina, eggs, almonds, avocados, coconut oil, pomegranates, exercise, sunlight, sleep.  Where is the obsession with these things and so many others?  It’s these foods and habits that will improve health!! But alas that is not what the “health” industry, the government, or the public seem to be interested in! When the pharma/health industry and the government are in bed together controlling the system, there isn’t profit to be made in easy, inexpensive, over the counter (non-gatekeeper) solutions.  There is no one to buy off.  The pomegranate or apricot or kale industries don’t have anything on the FDA/Pharma behemoth.  Lets be clear about this.  As with many things in the world, people tend to see issues through only 1 of 2 acceptable options.  But, in reality it is not just government causing problems, nor is it just big corporations.  It’s a huge system of collusion that’s screwing you in multiple ways – the same way they do with banking, education, drugs, wars, etc.  The people you think cause the problems (congressman X or CEO Y or bureaucrat Z) don’t really matter that much.  It’s all of them together plus people much higher up, screwing things up and pulling strings the world over.


But I think all this is changing.  More people today are getting their news and information from the internet rather than traditional sources.  People can google anything and I think the medical industry doesn’t like it, and obviously, for various reasons, governments don’t either.  People will continue to invent new things and reimagine old ones.  Everyday our world is getting better, and slowly but surely most problems will work themselves out.  Not with plans or laws or guidelines – but with ideas, innovations, and the drive of every individual person to better their lives.  With the availability of knowledge, literally comes the availability of life and happiness.

Again, there is an obsession in America with providing health insurance to as many people as possible, and with tests, and cures, and health care costs.  I think if we flip the focus onto healthy lifestyle, raising awareness about good foods, and spread an understanding of the real causes and cures of various ailments – then more people will be healthier in the first place.  The current problems will work themselves out over time.  “Access” to health care or the number of insured won’t matter as much.  The “ever rising health care costs” will stop rising if people are simply living healthier.  I know many would object and say something like this might be easy for some, but what about all the people who can’t afford these things. Well the answer is anyone can make big changes in their lives with small budgets.  Yes, while organic, all natural, grass-fed sorts of products are wonderful – you can make big improvements just by changing some simple shopping and eating habits.  Instead of buying the processed frozen meals, at least switch to bulk bags of frozen broccoli, cauliflower, and others.  Many fresh fruits and vegetables are fairly cheap as well.  Buy meat and other things in bulk.  You’ll actually save money cutting out sugar and grain based foods and drinks entirely from your grocery trip.  Switch from dairy milk to something like almond or coconut milk.  Its pretty cheap and tastes great.  With any spare money each week buy a good bottle of some vitamin, supplement, or oil, and before you know it, you’ll have a nice stock at home of everything you need to be healthy.

Now let me list some of the various issues.  I wanted to provide a go-to list to get you started on your own personal research.  Don’t just take me at my word on anything I say on this blog – do your own research, Google away, and check out the links on the sidebar as well. Below will be links to research, studies, articles, books, and videos – with loads of information you might have never heard of.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of health topics, but I wanted to compile a broad list to get you started on your own research. You can expect that with ANY medical issue there is another side to the story.  Have fun, and good health!  Please book mark and share with friends and family.

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