The New World

The world is changing.  The modern economy is changing.  Things are moving up.  Many people might not see it yet, but they will in the near future.  Its not trickle up or trickle down.  Its seeping out of every pore.   Is it the latest  “law” coming out of Washington?  No.  Is it the next politician’s plan?  Is it the latest proposal from your favorite think-tank? No.  Is it “stimulus” from the Federal Reserve.  No.

Its the  Internet, crowd sourcing, crowd funding, the sharing economy, collaboration, innovation – coming from every person on the planet like young African kids teaching themselves how to program computers; Farmers in South America selling their organic vegetables for Bitcoins.  There are more people connected to the internet everyday, more people learning more about the world everyday; talented people writing new apps that will change the world. The “bigness” of a government or of its connected corporations aren’t what make the world thrive.  Corporations are government created entities.  In the past companies did business – voluntarily seeking to provide something to willing customers – now most corporations practice pull peddling, influencing, lobbying, and manipulation of markets through government collusion.

It is the individual people who are the new businessmen.  It is the people of the world, taking their destinies into their own hands and making their lives and in turn – the entire world – better for everyone around them.  There are fewer gate-keepers and fewer barriers to entry.  Everyday, without permission, entrepreneurs are coming up with radical new ideas, innovations, work-arounds to existing systems – and out of the blue,  tiny startups are competing with giant, but stagnant old corporations or inept government agencies – to provide people what they really want!  I’m thinking Airbnb, Uber, Kickstarter, Lyft, MEGA, Bitcoins, WordPress, Reddit, the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, IndieGoGo, Fundable, Kiva, Khan Academy, General Assembly,  Gyft, and so many others that I’m not thinking of right now.  If you know of any awesome new businesses or initiatives that are changing the world add them to the comments at the bottom.

Throughout time, when there is new innovation its not the people fighting it. Always it is the vested interests and those who currently have the power over people and governments who fight positive changes.  Its J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller halting Tesla’s research.  Its brick and mortar restaurants fighting food trucks.  Its the medical establishment and the “cure” industry fighting the health industry.  Its the government entangled taxi industries fighting Uber and Lyft.  Its the state and the defense industry tirelessly fighting against peace (behind the scenes) since “war is the health of the state”. New independent media sources are popping up everyday, bringing raw information to the masses – information that is kept from them by the mainstream government/corporate media.  Now anyone with a smartphone can document anything – telling the truth, holding government agents accountable, and instantly bringing unfiltered information to the world.  The puppet masters of the world are finding themselves out of jobs.  We see individual people able to become writers, self publishing books – even making successful livings on models of freely sharing ideas.  We’ve seen for years NASA waste billions – and we were told the whole time that only the government could venture into space, but now we see private space companies expanding into new frontiers.

We see people are becoming empowered in their own lives.  The internet has enabled anyone with an old crappy laptop, a smartphone, a kid’s tablet, or access to a cyber cafe – to learn as much as possible.  Information cannot be suppressed, stifled or censored anymore – no matter how hard governments and global planners try.  With this new access people are seeing that mental and physical health and happiness don’t come from a pill, an insurance plan, a “health” law, or even from many doctors.  People are discovering what we’ve been told about what to put in our bodies was all wrong.  Ailments, physical and mental, have skyrocketed in the 20th century, and people are noticing.  There is a reemergence taking place with how to take care of our bodies – getting back to our roots and relearning old wisdom.  People are finally seeing that wealth doesn’t come from creating more dollars, or a law, or from putting your money in a “savings” account at the bank.  They’re catching on, finally putting 2 and 2 together, finally seeing governments repeat history too quickly so that their actions become evident.  They’re seeing knowledge doesn’t come from a piece of paper hung on a wall.  Online universities, youtube, wikipedia, free and cheap classes day and night have changed everything.  And on that note – getting that piece of paper on the wall, and the watered down education that came with it, doesn’t automatically equal success.  People are stepping outside of the existing system, and creating success and prosperity everyday, in ways we never could have imagined.

Ideas are limitless.  The internet is limitless.  It changes everything about the way we communicate, do business, and learn.  Everything can be copied infinitely at virtually no cost.  A new world is emerging.  Pay no attention to the “news”.  (Its all negative by design.) Pay attention to the cutting edge, to the things that will really make a difference in people’s lives – to beautiful decentralized solutions – to graphene, seasteading, bitcoins, nutrition, rational reason based philosophy, peaceful parenting, unschooling, and the infinite sharing of ideas.  Drop the news, forget politics, pick up a computer, change your life – change the world.

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