Vitamin D and Vitamin K2

I’ve been doing a lot of reading into many diseases, conditions, mental states and their causes.  So much of the conventional wisdom surrounding health is completely wrong. Many ailments are in large part due to a deficiency or imbalance in various vitamins, minerals, and amino-acids, or with life induced traumas – and not simply caused by mysterious chance or chemical imbalances to be “corrected” with drugs.  With actual good lifestyle and nutrition (read: not mainstream, FDA, government recommended), we can stay virtually disease-free.

Vitamin D is one of these important keys to health in which almost everyone is really at a deficient level.  The government and doctor recommended levels are much too low.  It is essential to load up on it, through vitamins, or even better, sunlight!  Just make sure to add vitamin K2 to your vitamin regimen.  Vitamin D plays a huge roll in helping you intake calcium.  With increases in D, you will be producing a lot of calcium, and without being directed properly, a lot of that calcium will end up in your arteries.  K2 helps to direct the calcium to where it needs to go – your bones and teeth. Be sure to get the type of K2 called Mk7.  More info below.

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